Brand Story & Identity Design

A logo does not make your brand. A brand is made up a visual identity, the voice you use, the value your ‘Brand’ delivers. It is you, it is your team, it is your personality. Your brand is the first of three pillars in creating your overall brand experience, the other two being your customer experience design and creating a high-performance culture within your organisation.

Many people don’t fully understand the processes and elements that create a brand. Especially, with consumers, they hear the term ‘brand’ and immediately think of the visual elements, e.g. the logo.

As stated above, your brand is actually made up of multiple parts which individually play their own role, however, when used cohesively, in a thoughtful, planned way, they are part of something much bigger. Creating and building your brand story is the narrative behind your identity. It is the most effective way to convey who you are as a company, product, service or individual and connect with your customers.

So, if you are looking to create a strong brand or develop your current brand further, personal or corporate, I can help you write your story and develop a cohesive brand identity.