Creative & Strategic Marketing

If sales is the art of getting customers to part with their money, then marketing is the science behind attracting those customers. In simple terms, marketing is getting someone to swipe right on your brand.

The beautiful thing about marketing is that it is made up of many components. Above, below and through the line elements, including but not limited to; print, radio and other traditional media right through to event and experiential marketing, SEO and social media.

Traditionally the marketing mix has consisted of four areas; product, price, place and promotion. Today it is made up of so many more. Like sales and marketing, the creative and strategic should be best mates, but again like sales and marketing, more commonly they are at odds with each other within an organisation.

To create an overall brand experience you need to seamlessly combine your brand, customer experience and your own internal culture. Through my previous experiences and learnings, I can help you navigate the new marketing mix and align both your creative and strategic elements.